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About Armadillo Tires


Armadillo Tire, LLC is the product of returning to a time when people did business with people. When products were high quality and when manufacturer representatives understood the needs of their dealers and were men/women of integrity!

Steven Smith founded Armadillo Tire, LLC in the spring of 2014. Steven has worked at the dealer level for over 13 years and understands what a dealer and his/her customer really wants. Steven possesses keen insight with regard to not only delivering value to the dealer and end-user, but understands the strict quality requirements many Original Equipment Manufacturers require for a product to be stamped “OEM Approved” having started his career working for Darr Equipment Co., a Caterpillar dealer. Steven appreciates the considerable time and cost associated with marketing a product. He knows which products run and those that will not, and because he knows all of this he knows how to create a unique program for Armadillo Tire, LLC dealers that truly resembles a partnership and not a one sided equation working solely in the favor of the manufacturer.